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Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Active Soapbar™ 5-String Phase II Bridge (C3hh)

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Duncan designed their ASB-5b Active Soapbar bass pickups to be the perfect blend of a traditional active pickup’s punch and snap and a vintage passive pickup’s warmth and tone. The dynamics and response are true, with just a hint of tonal coloring that is musical and not extreme. The sound of the ASB is natural, with an even bass, mid, and treble response that’s perfect for fingerstyle or slap.

The onboard active preamp gives you more overall volume and presence than you can typically get from a passive pickup. Our internal split-blade design allows for the best string-to-string balance of any soapbar bass pickup. The ASB-5 is a direct replacement for EMG 40 sized soapbars.

Made in USA

Condition: B-Stock

**OEM Pickups DO NOT include mounting hardware (springs, screws, pickup rings).