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Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis STK-1n Humbucker pickup (Black) (S7B5)

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Originally created for Blues Saraceno, this pickup was voiced to have the tonal character of a P.A.F., but with the power to cut through for Blues’ dynamic playing style. As Blues put it, this pickup provides a “‘notched’ tone with a ‘honky,’ old-school, retro vibe.”

Great for all styles of rock and blues, the Parallel Axis Blues Saraceno model behaves very nicely under any amount of gain. Like all Trembuckers, the Parallel Axis Blues Saraceno Trembucker features a wider pole piece spacing, perfect for symmetrical positioning under the strings of guitars with a tremolo or wide-spaced hard tail bridge (2” or wider from the center of the Low E to High E directly over the bridge pickup).

**This pickup is NOS OEM and DOES NOT include mounting hardware (springs, screws, pickup rings)