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Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan STC-2C-BO Bass Blackouts Tone Circuits 2 Band EQ Concentric Pot OEM (C3y)

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 The Seymour Duncan STC-2C-BO Bass Blackouts Tone Circuits, 2 Band EQ Concentric Pot. POT ONLY.

On board Tone Circuits add tremendous tonal versatility. Enables the player to add or subtract EQ at center frequencies voiced specifically for electric bass. Features low noise, low distortion and high headroom. Voiced for use with Blackouts for Bass but with switchable treble control, it’s also useful for all musical styles and genres.

The lows are deep, clear, and tight. There are two treble frequency centers to choose from. The lower setting is perfect for adding growl and bite to traditional P, J, and MM tones. The higher setting provides crystal clear top end to modern-sounding, full-frequency bass tones and when used with Blackouts for Bass gives punishing clarity without any brittleness.

** OEM: This product does not come in retail packaging, however it is in like condition and is NOS.