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Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan TB-DD1b, DBZ/Diamond Hole-Shot Gold OEM (C1cc)

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 Co-designed by amp designer Jeff Diamant (Diamond Amps and Diamond Guitars founder) and Seymour Duncan, the DD-1 Diamond Hole-shot pickup is aggressive, high output, but clean and smooth. The DD-5 Diamond 4-Stroke neck pickup is classic, round and warm. 

The DD-1 Bridge pickup is a fully even EQ allowing you much more control of your tone in the amp, where it should be. It gives you a decidedly full range on the EQ band, which also gives a tight low, plenty of growl, but stays warm and even. Even better, no matter how hot you run it, this pickup stays listenable and pleasant and you will never feel like you’re lacking anything. This pickup rolls off with the best of them allowing for fantastic mid-tones with volume knob roll-back.

**OEM Pickups DO NOT include mounting hardware (springs, screws, pickup rings)