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Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Tony Iommi SH-TI1b Humbucker OEM (D1x)

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This is a rare NOS pickup originally designed for Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath.
In the mid-90s, Trevor Wilkinson got in touch with Evan Skopp about having the SD Custom Shop design a very special set of pickups for guitar legend Tony Iommi to be used in his Patrick Eggle signature guitars in England. The pickups that resulted featured a twin rail design and were unique in that the "rails" or "blades" of the Iommis were exposed A2 (Alnico II) bar magnets, where most other "rail" type pickups used metal "blades" and placed the magnets in a more traditional configuration beneath the coils. The coils of the Iommi were wound on elongated bobbins to a hefty 21K+ resistance in the bridge! Cosmetically, the Iommi pickups resembled the older “Silverbird” model, a pickup SD had introduced some 11-12 years before in the early '80s. However, while they certainly looked similar, the tone between the 2 models couldn’t be any more different. Iommi's signature Patrick Eggle guitars were launched around 1995, but suffered lackluster popularity. Production ceased around 1997, at which point Tony signed an endorsement deal with Gibson for both a new signature guitar and a new signature pickup. Despite the switch away from Eggle and Seymour Duncan, Tony’s signature Duncan model remained available as a little-known Custom Shop offering and found its way into a few obscure places, including the guitars of Scott Ian (via Mike Tempesta, his tech at the time).
**OEM Pickups DO NOT include mounting hardware (springs, screws, pickup ring).