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Franklin Guitar Works

SLM Chrome 4 String Bass Guitar Bridge 4 screw base high mass (S2F2)

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Up for sale is a 4 string bass bridge in chrome that has 4 screw holes in the base, 2 up front and 2 behind the saddles with a high mass back end for better tone and sustain. This is a string thru the bridge style and not for a string-thru the body type bass. Item is in NOS (new old stock) condition and in an unused state. This is for the bridge by itself and  No screws are included.


Franklin Guitar Works - Who we are

FGW is a division of MIRC, LLC (Musical Instrument Reclamation Corporation), located in Franklin TN.  MIRC is the world’s largest refurbisher of stringed instruments.  We partner with the leading manufacturers in the industry, helping them recondition their distressed instruments. All of our instruments have been inspected, set up and refurbished by our certified technicians to ensure you are receiving a quality instrument.

To learn more about MIRC, check out this article by Reverb:

Why does this guitar have “used” on the back of the headstock? 

Sometimes the word "used" is lightly pressed into the back of the headstock and/or the serial number may be partially altered per manufacturer agreements.  For many, the "used" stamp is looked at as a sign of quality, giving confidence that a used instrument originating from MIRC has been properly set-up and refurbished by a professional tech.

Hours of Operation 

Our Business hours are Monday - Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm and closed on the weekends. Any sales that occur after these hours will be shipped out first thing the following business day. For sales that fall on the weekend they will be fulfilled on Monday morning. Thank you for trusting us with your business.