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Celestion Blue 12-Inch Classic Alnico Guitar Replacement Speaker 15w - 8ohm

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Up for sale we have the Classic Celestion 12" Alnico Blue Guitar replacement Speaker made in Ipswich England. These are being sold in their factory box and have not been previously installed but being sold as used and do not have factory warranties. This is a 8ohm impedance 15w rated speaker that is known for their classic guitar sounds.

This classic guitar speaker actually started life as a radio speaker that was modified specifically for use in electric guitar amplifiers. In its original G12 guitar speaker incarnation it appeared in several colour variations, but it was the Blue version, known as T.530 and fitted as standard into Vox AC30 amps that secured its place in guitar tone history.

The Blue found favour with notable guitarists like Brian May due to its glorious dampened attack warm lows mellow upper-mids and brilliant bell-like top-end. When coupled with a suitable amplifier it evokes rich definition and develops beautiful musical compression when pushed. According to tone enthusiasts worldwide the Blue is the benchmark for guitar speaker perfection.


Nominal diameter - 305mm / 12in
Power rating - 15W
Rated impedance - 8Ω or 15Ω
Sensitivity - 100dB
Chassis type - Pressed steel
Magnet type - Alnico
Voice coil diameter - 1.75in / 44mm
Voice coil material - Round copper
Frequency range - 75-5000Hz
Resonance frequency, Fs - 75Hz
DC resistance - Re6.4Ω or 11.8Ω